Next Chapter (Pharaoh’s Code) Lyrics

Close your eyes so you see my vision
Unite the souls so there’s no division

Looking to the future we see all seasons
Aiming for the top. But what’s the reason?

Hands to the sky we arise for free
We become the legends we were meant to be

Now open your eyes and you will see
I can lead you home. Just follow me

Tetris Effect produced and published by Enhance, Inc.
Developed by Resonair and Monstars Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Tetris Effect(テトリス・エフェクト)の 2 面 Pharaoh’s Code(ファラオ・コード)で挿入されるラップの歌詞です。耳コピなので間違っている可能性はあります。その際はコメントでご指摘いただけるとありがたいです。